dating tales

Hello There!

So I turned 27 in early April and became to fly to blog. NOT! But I know that’s what some of you probably think. Despite the fact that I turned 27 and eased up on my blogging, my life has become a complete and total catastrophic, busy, whatever of a whatever. I love my life; don’t get me wrong. But I do despise that overwhelmed, anxious pit in my stomach like I am forgetting something important or that I suck at life because everything that I love, admire and that is important to me is falling by the waist-side.

Work is still kicking my high-tail. Meetings and conference calls and everything in between. I am desperately in need of a vacay and counting down the days until I make it to Hawaii. Only thirty at this point and coming quickly. Thank goodness.

Relationship-wise, I am maintaining and hanging in. I’m still “dating” my ex, which is a joke in itself and I am also keeping my options open and “dating” someone new as well. It’s funny because I am not a dater. I don’t even know what it means to date. I am either in a relationship or not.

But – I’ll have to leave my dating tales for another day. I’m exhausted and one of my boys (the new one) had just called.

Please take me back people. I still love ya all!

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