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Dogs Rule

For the past two mornings, I have been been brought to tears over the latest Pedigree advertisment. It’s only 30 seconds, but has gotten me both times.

I am an avid dog lover…I like them all: big, small, plump, thin, loud, quiet, playful, lazy…whatever. I’m particularly fond of beagles, but I’d take just about any pup I could. As soon as I move into a space large enough, going to the animal shelter to give some special guy a good home is one of the first things on my list.

In the meantime, I will help out in any way I can. The dogs rule website is not only cute, it’s informative and offers great ways to help by either volunteering or donating to shelters, helping dogs in need.

**And if you’ve looked at the video, and are wondering about Echo from the commercial, my co-worker and I did some research and found out that she was adopted in November from an LA animal shelter. I hope she’s in a loving home.

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