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Sinus infections stink.

They sure do. I’ve done nothing wrong but try and bundle, stay warm, dress appropriately depending upon the weather, wash my hands a gazillion times a day, drink lots of water…just about everything I can to keep from getting “sick”. I guess everyone has their day. My day is today (and yesterday, probably tomorrow and the next day as well). That’s right — Thursday evening I noticed that annoying clogged, can’t breathe sensation in my right nostril. That annoying pain in my right cheekbone. I called it. A sinus infection. The pain became unbearable throughout the night and yesterday morning I was begging Fran at Dr. G-H’s office to see me because I knew I could not last a long holiday weekend without something to help me 1) breathe (some people take it for granted and think it’s so overrated until you can’t, then it’s the most wonderful thing ever) and 2) function without wanting to stick my head under the tire of a moving truck to take me out of my misery of having a sinus headache.

So here I am, at home, in bed, with a sinus infection, fever and whatnot, drinking tons of fluids with a 5-day Zpack, a decongestant, nasal saline spray and a large box of tissues on hand instead of enjoying the long weekend with my friends as planned.

Oh well. Obviously, after running around for what feels like 8 weeks already, I think this is God’s way of forcing my behind into some much needed R&R.

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