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The Kone: my official, unofficial review

I got The Dirt Devil Kone (in pink) for Christmas from my Mom and per a request from Katie over at Le Petit Chic, figured I would provide my own personal little review on the my new sleek looking hand vac.

I was thrilled to get The Kone, as it’s nice, sleek, cone-like design not only looks great, but doesn’t take up much space. It just kind of sits there quietly, minding its business, waiting for you, it’s owner to pick it up and take it for a pick-up. I took it out of the box and followed the instructions, charging it for a full 24 hours before use. 24 hours and 1 second later, I picked up my new handsome guy (which does have a little weight to it), and ran to the bathroom, which was a black sea of hair (I purposely left it that way from the last 24 hours from the many times I brushed my hair, which KILLED me, might I add) and quickly pressed the button and “sssssszzzzzzzzzz” off it went. It was a LOT noisier than I expected it to be. I guess since it was small, I expected it to use an “inside voice” when in fact, it sounds pretty darn close to a regular vacuum. Although, since it’s meant as a handheld for smaller surface areas and it’s suction works wonders, I didn’t have it on for too long. In addition, I tried it on carpet too, not just my bathroom floor, and it worked there too!

Overall, I am in love. Welcome home Kone! You’ll fit quiet nicely into my psychotic cleaning and organized ways. 🙂

Pros: The little fucker works like a charm!, Lasts long after a nice charge, works on hardwood floors and carpets alike, comes in a multitude of colors, reasonably priced (@$39.99, but with a LNT or BBB coupon, it will be like $32 bucks)!
Cons: A little heavier then I anticipated, noisier than expected
Rating: 9.0

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