Never Going Back

Meet Mecca from two years ago. Mecca from two years ago was ill. She was diagnosed with Chronic urticaria also known as chronic hives and it made her very sick. Aside from being itchy, hivey and swollen almost every day (including throat and tongue swellings and even a hospitalization stint), she being overweight due to the medicine she was forced to take to make her symptoms bearable.

Meet Mecca now (you can see it in her slimmer face). After stopping the medicine and starting an aggressive plan to get her weight in order, Mecca now is doing MUCH better and has learned to live an overall healthier, happier lifestyle. About twenty-seven pounds down, she is a work-out fanatic, more active in general, less stressed and enjoys working hard to become stronger and leaner.

With eight more pounds to go until Mecca reaches her goal weight, this post serves to continue to inspire her to keep at it. Hard work eventually pays off. NEVER GOING BACK.

3 thoughts on “Never Going Back

  1. 🙂 go youyou look great – then and now of course and I am happy to see how you overcame your circumstancesits inspiring and its just what i needed thanks mecca!

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