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Guess what?
1. I survived my dentist appointment!
2. My second simu-date with Mr. Smith ended up falling through; He had to work/train late and I am just exhausted, soooooo I GET A NIGHT TO MYSELF. Tonight’s post will be short, as I plan on laying in bed, bumming around, having a little dinner, watching a lil DVR’d TV and crashing early.

But as promised, I wanted to load the pics from the cookie making gathering with Sin and Sarah on Saturday, which was a blast. Proof that I can be domesticated if I so chose.

Sin, a cookie icing machine.
Gingerbread snowflake cookies, post icing, pre-blue and clear sprinkles
Me, “dressing” the sugar cookies with Kisses
Yours truly 🙂
Some pretty cookies…

G’night folks!

6 thoughts on “heaven.

  1. I LOVE the pics…I feel almost famous being in your blog!! Thanks for letting me “get ready for my close up”. Meanwhile…in 30 seconds I’m going to take advantage of the fact that you are home and call you to vent…you’ll never believe it!

  2. Thanks SO much Lisa; you just made my morning. You’re too kind. I’d be happy to send some your way…I just need Sin to ensure I don’t burn anything. 🙂

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