turkeys, bites and whatnots…

So Thanksgiving started out OK. Despite being a little under the weather, Wednesday was actually a pretty decent Thanksgiving Eve. A peaceful, drama-free night in Morristown, and I was perfectly fine with that. Turkey Day went off without a hitch. Dad scooped me and took me to Uncle John’s house and it was nice to see the family. Afterwards, I went to Kristin and Jimmy’s new spot and enjoyed some dessert and good conversation. Friday, I played Wii, which was a blast. I got a little irritated on Friday evening after the basketball game (it’s not even an issue) and I’m still a little under the weather. Saturday morning, I woke up and to a very disturbing voicemail. My best friend, Anna, was in a terrible car wreck. She is a live and well — thank goodness. I’m so grateful for that…truly. After lounging pretty much all day, I decided to g to Cookie’s for a potluck dinner of T-day leftovers. I walked down the stairs and BAM — I was “greeted” by my neighbor’s small (but vicious and malicious) dog who decided to have his own dinner out of my right leg! I’m so upset because 1) I hate the fact that it even happened, 2) the dog was NOT leashed (how is that acceptable or responsible of a pet owner?), 3) the pet’s actual owner, who wasn’t walking the unleashed dog (that was her sister), didn’t even apologize. She just made mention that if I wanted to go to the doctor, to let her know. Does that mean she is going to pay for my doctor’s bill? This means that I have to have the very uncomfortable conversation tomorrow and walk to the door of the intimidating dog and it’s just nerve-racking. I’m not trying to make waves or make things uncomfortable for any people around here because I have to live here – ya know? I’m exhausted…my leg is killing me and I’m gonna stop writing and actually get some sleep.

Oh did I go to “the doctor”? Well, being that it’s a Saturday (well now Sunday), I went to the ER (which is thankfully, conveniently right across the street), go a tetanus shot and they gave me a script for Augmentin; the big horse pill antibiotic. GREAT!

I just hope this whole situation is amicable. I don’t want anything but to get my medical bill and prescription bill paid.

Anyway, off to bed.

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