Alright people, it’s bad enough that it’s like 105 degrees outside (94 actual + 11 for humidity) and that my freshly done hair is now a frizz ball…but what’s even worse is that my (dear) roommate leaves the air conditioning to set at 82 degrees during the day, so I walk into a very stale, humid air inside as well. Can a girl get some cool air? I mean, I’m always cold and phening for heat, probably one of the best things about attending good ole U of M, so when I’m complaining about the heat, you know it’s bad. Don’t get me wrong, I love heat, however, sweating profusely is not attractive, nor desired.

I know the point is to conserve energy and all, and I totally agree that the air does not need to run during the day, but can we settle for like 76? Especially on days when the state is being issued to have a heat wave. Especially with my crazy past of passing out randomly…I mean, can you imagine, me, innocent old me, walking in after a long, hard day’s work and just collapsing to the floor? Not being able to breathe because it’s so STIFLING hot? Not a pretty sight. At all.

This one is for all my frizzy-haired people, just trying to get by and make it through this extremely dreaded heat. And the heat wave is just going to continue…

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