Happy 4th

The rain ruined my darn parade. It was cloudy and then eventually rainy. Even my bright ass hobo-inspired yellow hater top could not challenge the sun. Hey, I tried, people. I was well-behaved though in the food and drink department. I had the following:
1) 1 cheeseburger w/ ketchup
2) a small (and I mean bite-size) serving of baked beans
3) a small and once again I mean bite-size serving of pasta salad
4) a mini chocolate cookie
5) 4 Corona lights
Given the fact that I love to eat and I house all the All-American classics every holiday I get, I did pretty darn good. Granted, I could have done a little better on the beers, however, they were light and they were spaced out over time. (I also drank water). The rain did make my hair frizzy as ever (thanks rain) and I had to cover my fun yellow top, with a bot so fun boring black sweater due to the drop in temp…I guess the fact that we (meaning me and all mis amigos) made it through another fourth – safely and soundly – is a blessing. No fireworks, once again thank the rain. But that doesn’t mean I’m not creating my own fireworks … called my life.

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